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Architecture, Interior Design, Construction and Beyond

Studio Hestia’s experienced team will help you bring your ideas to life in a home that exceeds your expectations. Helping clients in Surrey, Guildford, London and beyond, modern living, elegant interiors, connected landscaping, and project management pull the vision together. You enjoy the experience while we manage the rest.

Luxury at Its Finest

With over a decade of experience creating luxurious homes, we use a unified vision to create private homes, commercial properties, and landscaping that enhance the character of the property. From sophisticated comfort to exclusive living, homeworking and unique environments, Hestia will transform your space into an unexpected, delightful luxury living experience, and add value to your property.

Why Choose Us

Working with a construction company, architect, builder or interior designer can be a challenging experience…unless you partner with a professional who can fill ALL of these roles and more.

It is very true that “The most expensive cable is the one you forget to lay in the first place.”

Our first priority is saving you money, so we begin every project by creating a detailed vision to avoid costly mistakes that you have to pay for.


Gone is that horrible feeling halfway thru a project where you begin to feel you’re not going to get the desired result.

Hestia brings you a world of choice – plus style and taste – to make sure we exceed your wildest expectations.


Not sure if the potential property will fit your needs?

Our work starts early, sometimes even before purchase, we can walk you through an appraisal exercise to help you see the potential and limitations of the home before you commit to the purchase.


Have you witnessed a project fail due to an architect pushing with his design?

We approach every project by first consulting the local authorities to understand their philosophies and constraints to maximise the chances of planning application success.


Some contractors take shortcuts and don’t follow the drawings correctly or don’t clarify and question.

You often only find out when it is too late. We make sure this never happens. Our drawings are meticulous so you can see exactly what you’ll get – and to definitively exclude errors.


“Herding cats” is often used to describe the nightmare of coordinating contractors.

Hestia is your single point of contact throughout your project. One person bears the responsibility for communication and decision-making – instead of having 10 bosses, none of whom takes ownership.


Then the torture of the slipping end date, next week never comes.

On every project, we control the scheduling of the trades. We issue all of the trades a precise chart highlighting the sequence of work and required timelines they are obliged to keep. And we hold them to these deadlines.


Personalised service. Focused on saving you money while maximising your property value. One point of contact. Someone who truly listens to you and translates your ideas into a fully realised project beyond anything you can imagine.

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